Skin dotNet pada VB, Vb.NET

Buat yang mau bikin aplikasi pake VB, saya punya referensi file OCX untuk pembuatan form yang cantik (skinner). Silahkan download disinireferensi lain disiniNtar kalau skinner yang saya buat sudah selesai, nanti saya posting blok ini.semogo bermanfaat


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4 comments on “Skin dotNet pada VB, Vb.NET
  1. pontong says:

    I am pontong, i am in a need in my project.

    I established a Dial-up connection between a nokia phone, Nokia phone has a GPRS enabled sim. I can access internet in the phone. Now i want to access internet in the PC which is connected(Dial-up network) to Nokia phone. Please post me the code from declaration until finish.
    or can you give me attactmnet source program. I should do every thing programatically using Vb 6.0


  2. fansmelisa says:

    if you want connecting your project with Dial-up-network, you must selecting methode of cable. Connecting between Phone with PC, serial or USB port. using serial port, you can used FBUS or MBUS. And if used for USB, u must have driver USB. Methode for VB 6.0 to USB, used MCI module.
    i just finished this project for any time. I will post in here.. OK. wait for it

  3. Sahabat says:

    kirain gretongan…

  4. Kohimaru says:

    Ada yang gretongan.. kalau ga salah yang buat orang indo.. namanya ESEN.. tapi skinnya standar seperti windows XP

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